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Details Description
16 Afon Llafar, Gerlan

6 Feb 2016 20:50
1 hours 10 minutes

2 people
Hill walking
12 members attended
incident photo Two males descending from Carnedd Dafydd in the dark reached a river they felt unable to cross. Three local team members walked up to them and assisted them across the river to the main path for a short walk back to Gerlan.
15 North Ridge of Tryfan

6 Feb 2016 11:50
2 hours 25 minutes

1 person
Hill walking
23 members attended
A solo male hill walker asked for assistance as he had become trapped in a gully low down on the North Ridge. A small hill party was deployed to search the obvious gully lines but he could not be found. As the search became more extensive more information came from NWP which indicated he had returned to his car safely and had informed NWP. All hill members returned to base.
14 Milestone Buttress

2 Feb 2016 15:12
2 hours 38 minutes

2 people
Hill walking
16 members attended
Two male hill walkers descending the North Ridge of Tryfan strayed onto the steep ground above the Milestone Buttress. A small hill party located them and lowered them down the climber's descent gully to safe ground. They were then able to walk back to the road and returned to Oggie Base for a debrief.
13 Cwm Lloer path

31 Jan 2016 16:18
1 hours 52 minutes

1 person
Hill walking
18 members attended
A male walker, in a group of six, slipped on wet grass 100m from the road above Glan Dena in the Ogwen Valley. He suffered a significant lower leg injury so the group rang for help. Team members were quickly on scene, treated the injury and evacuated him on a stretcher to the team vehicle. He was then taken to an ambulance for onward transport to hospital.
12 Glyder Fawr

30 Jan 2016 14:20
1 hours 10 minutes

1 person
Winter mountain walking
14 members attended
A male walker, in a very well organised group, slipped on an icy rock close to the summit of Glyder Fawr and suffered a leg injury. A large hill party assembled at Oggie Base to support the Coastguard Helicopter which had also been tasked. Fortunately the aircraft could land on close to the injured walker who was assisted on board and then flown to Bangor Hospital. The rest of the group did not need assistance so the team stood down.
11 Fairy Glen, Sychnant Pass

25 Jan 2016 16:06
1 hours 32 minutes

1 person
Digger driving
10 members attended
WAST asked for assistance with evacuation of a male digger driver who had a suspected spinal injury after his digger overturned.The team were mobilised but stood down soon after as the WAST crew had managed the incident themselves.
10 Y Garn

21 Jan 2016 00:00
0 hours 51 minutes

Report of lights
1 member attended
Two separate 999 calls were made from people reporting lights on Y Garn. The weather and mountain conditions that night were excellent with moonlight. With no other reports of people in distress, an informant was contacted and it became clear that the lights were moving with no obvious pattern to the lights. Given this, the operation was closed as a "false alarm with good intent"
9 Bangor

18 Jan 2016 12:56
2 hours 4 minutes

1 person
Missing person search
3 members attended
The team were asked for search advice for a person who had been missing for nearly 3 weeks. Three Ogwen Team Leaders reviewed the available information and proposed a plan of action for NWP which included the use of NPAS in the first instance. NWP were also advised that a PolSA should be asked to review the data and then link with MRT.
8 Llanfairfechan

16 Jan 2016 13:38
0 hours 22 minutes

1 person
Missing person search
1 member attended
An elderly female was reported missing from home. As the Team leader was collecting details she turned up safe and well. No MRT action required
7 Glyder Fach

13 Jan 2016 17:12
19 hours 18 minutes

2 people
Hill walking
21 members attended
incident photo Two climbers reported themselves stuck in the Central Gully area of Glyder Fach due to difficult snow conditions. Despite several hill parties being deployed, the team were unable to ether locate or make contact with the climbers due to the atrocious weather and dangerous snow conditions. The Coastguard helicopter also made several attempts to reach the climbers but was unable to do so due to low cloud on the mountains. The rescue was suspended in the early hours and then resumed at first light when LLMRT, RAF Valley MRT and Aberglaslyn MRT also sent teams on to the hill. Mid morning the cloud lifted and the Coastguard helicopter was able to winch the climbers from their precarious position, and then transport all the MRT members back to Oggie Base. On return to Oggie base the two climbers were found to be fit and well. They were well equipped and had dug themselves in when they realised that they were going to be stuck overnight. When daylight arrived the weather had abated, so they started to belay each other off the hill.
6 Bristly Ridge

9 Jan 2016 13:07
1 hours 33 minutes

2 people
11 members attended
incident photo Two males became cragfast in the Sinister Gully area of Bristly Ridge. A small hill party deployed whilst the Coastguard Helicopter was on route. Initially the site was in cloud so the aircraft picked up the hill party and winched them close to the cas site. However the cloud cleared and the aircraft managed to winch the pair aboard for a short flight to Oggie Base and then returned to collect the hill party.
5 Capel Curig

7 Jan 2016 00:21
18 hours 54 minutes

1 person
Local Incident
14 members attended
The team were asked to assist NWP with an incident in the Capel Curig area. This involved a hasty search during the night followed by a more intensive search in the day. The Team were joined by members of SARDA and RAF Valley MRT. Nothing found. NWP will continue their enquiries.
4 Llyn Idwal

2 Jan 2016 15:08
1 hours 22 minutes

1 person
18 members attended
incident photo A female teenager suffered a prolonged fainting attack whilst walking around Llyn Idwal. Her mother asked for help from a passing MRT member who requested a team call-out. A small hill party reached her and the Coastguard Helicopter also attended due to the length of time she was apparently unconscious. She was flown to Bangor Hospital for further assessment.
3 Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey

2 Jan 2016 14:20
4 hours 20 minutes

1 person
Missing from home
19 members attended
A male resident of a care home had been missing for several hours so the Team were asked to provide Search Management and field searchers. Whilst in the planning stage the man was located by NWP and the team stood down.
2 Swallow Falls

2 Jan 2016 12:29
0 hours 30 minutes

1 person
6 members attended
The Team were asked to assist a male with a dislocated shoulder sitting on rocks in the river close to Swallow Falls. As team members were on route to Oggie Base they were stood down as the male had re-located the shoulder himself and no longer needed assistance.
1 Rachub

1 Jan 2016 00:40
0 hours 20 minutes

Report of flares
1 member attended
An informant reported seeing several red flares on the hillside above Rachub. The Team leader advised NWP that no MRT action would be taken unless there was a definite report of someone needing help. The probable cause was people celebrating the New Year with fireworks and flares.