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13 Y Gully, West Face Tryfan

19 Feb 2017 18:45

3 people
14 members attended
A party of 3 well equipped walkers started up the North Ridge but one of them slipped and twisted an ankle not far from the summit. He was able to continue walking slowly but they decided it would be best to head down; unfortunately they chose the West face. They climbed down into Y Gully until they could go no further due to the steepness of the terrain, and then wisely asked for help. Two hill parties were able to climb into their location and then lower the group on a rope system to safe ground. They were then able to walk off with team members.
12 Glyder Fach

17 Feb 2017 17:20
4 hours 55 minutes

2 people
Hill walking
15 members attended
A young pair of walkers started their day early enough to complete the route they had planned. They parked at the Pen Y Gwryd and went up to Pen Y Pass to take the red spot route to Glyder Fawr, to then continue on to Glyder Fach, intending to come down to Llyn Caseg Fraith area and descend back to the Pen Y Gwryd via the Miners Path. Having got to Glyder Fawr they continued on but lost their way in the cloud. After having spent some time trying to refind the path unsuccessfully they called for assistance. They reported that they thought they were at Bwlch Y Ddwy-Glyder. SARLOC showed them to be at the top of the Bristly Ridge. They were advised to walk East towards Caseg Ffraith and a small hill party deployed to locate and retrieve them to Oggie Base.
11 Bristly Ridge

14 Feb 2017 14:30
7 hours 0 minutes

1 person
16 members attended
A solo male scrambler became stuck in a gully on the side of Bristly Ridge. He wisely decided to remain on a ledge and ask for assistance, as moving up or down the gully would have been dangerous. He was well equipped with good mountain clothing and a bivvi bag, and had a torch and whistle to aid in locating him. Due to a limited response from OVMRO the TL requested assistance from RAF Valley MRT. Hill parties from both teams made their way to the ridge where one party went to the ridge line and rigged an abseil, then lowered a team member to the casualty who was then lowered down to the other hill party waiting on the Bristly Screes. All team members and casualty then walked off to Oggie Base.
10 Afon Cynfal, Llan Ffestiniog

30 Jan 2017 20:40
17 hours 20 minutes

1 person
9 members attended
The team were asked to assist South Snowdonia Search and Rescue Team, and North Wales Police with an incident at the Afon Cynfal. In a joint effort with the Police Divers and MRT, the body of a male was recovered from the river gorge and transported to an undertaker. Further investigation by NWP will be carried out.
9 Main Gully, Glyder Fach

28 Jan 2017 14:06
3 hours 24 minutes

2 people
Winter hill walking
11 members attended
A man and his 10 year old son reported themselves stuck in the top section of Main Gully on Glyder Fach, having thought it was a descent route in the cloudy conditions. With some advice over the phone they managed to ascend the gully again and gain the plateau. From there they were monitored by phone until they were safely back on the road. They were a well equipped party who asked for assistance at an appropriate time.
8 Gyrn Wigau

22 Jan 2017 12:05
3 hours 25 minutes

1 person
Hill walking
10 members attended
Two brothers walking on Gyrn Wigau became separated in misty conditions.One of them grew concerned for the other and searched the area thoroughly before asking for assistance. Becasue of the easy nature of the ground there was concern that the missing man may have had a medical problem and be unable to respond. Hill members plus a SARDA search dog were deployed to the area but luckily the brothers found each other shortly before the MRT arrived at the place last seen. The hill party met up with the brothers for a debrief and to check all was well.
7 Bristley Ridge

21 Jan 2017 14:45
1 hours 45 minutes

1 person
15 members attended
A male walker was seen to fall a considerable distance down a gully from the ridgeline, and was reported as unresponsive. The informant was some distance below him with no means of access to the location so the team were immediately called and R936 tasked. The aircraft managed to locate the male and winched him from the mountain.He was taken to Bangor Hospital. We have been informed by his friend since the event that the casualty died from a heart attack which caused the fall.
6 Tryfan

19 Jan 2017 17:30
1 hours 30 minutes

Shouts for help
2 members attended
A male on the A5 below Tryfan reported hearing screams and shouts coming from the mountainside and was concerned someone needed help. Unfortunately he had borrowed a phone to make the call so no further info could be gathered initially. A Team Leader went to the location but could find no sign of the informant, and on questioning other people in the area no-one else had heard the shouts.
5 Tin Can Alley, Cwm Idwal

14 Jan 2017 10:45
1 hours 45 minutes

1 person
Hill walking
16 members attended
incident photo A male hill walker slipped on a wet rock a short distance above the Idwal carpark, and suffered a lower leg injury. Team members were on scene quickly as he was only 10 minutes from the road. They splinted his leg and then he was carried on a stretcher to the road to be transferred to an ambulance.
4 Pinnacle Rib, East Face Tryfan

7 Jan 2017 17:20
19 hours 10 minutes

2 people
Rock climbing
3 members attended
Two well equipped but relatively inexperienced climbers asked for advice when night fell and they had not completed the route. They were on a safe platform just below Yellow Slab but were reluctant to carry on climbing the greasy rock in the dark. They had a Cas shelter, torches, food and water and decided that they would sit it out on the mountain overnight and continue the climb the following morning. The Team Leader made welfare calls to them until midnight and early the next morning. Although being a little wet and cold they continued the route in the morning and walked back off the mountain unaided.
3 Pentraeth

4 Jan 2017 23:10
0 hours 35 minutes

2 people
Missing person search
4 members attended
Two young brothers were reported as missing from home and NWP requested that OVMRO attend with SARDA dogs. Whilst initial investigation was still ongoing the brothers turned up safe and well and the team stood down.
2 Bwlch Eryl Farchog

1 Jan 2017 16:45
4 hours 45 minutes

2 people
Winter hill walking
19 members attended
Two well equipped walkers descended the SE ridge of Carnedd Llewelyn but lacked the confidence to climb down the 'bad step' due to the icy conditions. They requested assistance so hill parties were deployed up Mac's Highway for the short walk in to the Bwlch. The walkers were then roped down to the Bwlch for the walk down to the Team vehicles.
1 PyG Track, Snowdon

1 Jan 2017 05:25
1 hours 5 minutes

2 people
Celebrating new Year
5 members attended
A couple, who had presumably gone to the summit for the New Year, got lost on their way down the PyG track in sleet and snow (forecast). The male had medical problems which increased as they waited so when Llanberis MRT arrived on scene he could no longer walk. R936 were requested for the evacuation and OVMRO and Aberglaslyn MRT were put on stand-by.