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Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation
Mountain Rescue England & Wales
Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation
OVMRO is a registered charity (No. 502442)
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OVMRO Incidents

No. Details Description
12 26 Feb 2015 14:30
26 Feb 2015 16:00

Aber Falls

1 person: Hill walking

10 members attended
incident photo A member of a well organised Mountain Training group slipped on grass sustaining an ankle injury. Given the location and nature of the injury together with very limited contact with the Group in a known communcations "black-spot", it was decided to request the support of R122. During this time, 2 x Team Leaders went to the area to provide communications and support the operation whilst a MR response was built up at Base. The injured person was evacuated by R122 to Bangor for treatment
11 21 Feb 2015 22:45
22 Feb 2015 00:30

Aber Falls area

2 people: Mountain biking

7 members attended
Two male mountain bikers were reported as overdue and possibly lost on the Carneddau. The information about their start point and intended route was extremely limited and the informant had last had contact with them about 7pm when they thought they were heading for the Roman Road above Aber. The decision was made to send 2 team vehicles to drive the tracks in that area to try to locate them. Luckily as the first vehicle was on route the pair arrived at Aber safe and well so the team was stood down.
10 15 Feb 2015 19:50
16 Feb 2015 01:45

Gribin Ridge

2 people: Winter climbing

15 members attended
This very experienced and very well equipped couple had completed Tower Gully climb and started to descend the Gribin Ridge as darkness fell. Despite having walked this route before on numerous occasions they went astray on the 'Football Pitch' and failed to find the path down the ridge. They only had one torch and the female was becoming exhausted after a long strenuous day. Two hill parties set out to find them and they were located still high on the ridge. They were given extra clothing and hot drinks but it took a further 3 hours to slowly walk them off the mountain through increasingly wet and windy weather
9 14 Feb 2015 17:20
14 Feb 2015 18:30


1 person: Hill walking

11 members attended
A man reported his partner missing on the Carneddau after they became separated somewhere near Carnedd Llewelyn earlier in the afternoon. He had reached the Ogwen Valley but his partner was uncontactable. As the team were preparing for a search the partner called to say she was walking out of Cwm Eigiau towards Tal y Bont. He was happy to collect her so no action was needed by Team members.
8 8 Feb 2015 16:10
8 Feb 2015 18:15

Cwm Glas bach, Carnedd Dafydd

3 people: Winter climbing

16 members attended
A party of 4 walked up Afon Llafar from Gerlan. On reaching the Crib Lem area they saw a snowy gully and decided to ascend it. They then reached a hanging cwm and became stuck on the steep back wall of the cwm. Mobile phone comms with the cas party were poor. Whilst planning to deploy 1 group on foot from Ffynnon Llugwy and another party available on LZ to assist R122, the casualty party managed to contact passing climbers on the ridge above who heard the shouts and dropped a rope and extracted the cas party. No further action was required by the team.
7 8 Feb 2015 14:45
8 Feb 2015 16:45

North Ridge Tryfan

2 people: Hill walking

16 members attended
A couple set off to climb the North Ridge of Tryfan, however they had little equipment or experience and the mountain was under full winter conditions. At some point on the ridge they decided they could go no further and tried to descend the way they had come but unfortunately strayed on to the West Face. When they rang for help they were unsure of their location but stated they may be able to get back up to the ridge but would need guidance on the correct way down. One team member already on the North Ridge tried to locate them whilst other team members gathered at Base. The pair managed to get back to the ridge and met up with some other walkers who guided them back off the mountain.
6 7 Feb 2015 20:50
7 Feb 2015 00:15

Penrhyn Quarry

Lights, flare

3 members attended
The Team Leaders were contacted twice this evening, once with the report of a red flare sighted above the quarry and then later reports of a flashing torch in approximately the same area. As the quarry operates at night and is private property, NWP were asked to send an officer to the area to investigate and to contact the team again if there was further concern. Nothing found.
5 6 Feb 2015 13:10
6 Feb 2015 15:00

Cwm Bochlwyd

1 person: Snow/ice climbing

14 members attended
A solo winter climber fell a considerable distance down Glyder Fach Main Face and sustained injuries to his ankle and chest. He managed to crawl downhill towards Llyn Bochlwyd for half an hour before being able to shout to some walkers close by. Because of the potentially serious chest injury the Ogwen TL immediately requested the help of 22 Squadron and RAF Valley MRT whilst team members made their way to base. Luckily flying conditions were good and the casualty was evacuated to hospital within the hour.
4 5 Feb 2015 19:55
5 Feb 2015 23:45

Carnedd Llewelyn

2 people: Winter hill walking

9 members attended
incident photo Two males with two dogs reported themselves stuck in the snow on the Carneddau whilst attempting to walk from Ogwen to Dulyn Bothy. They had lots of equipment but a sprained ankle had slowed their progress. As they were close to the summit of Foel Fras they were persuaded to follow the wall towards Drum and 2 team vehicles were deployed to meet them. They actually made very good progress and were picked up by the vehicles on the Drum track. The hungry and thirsty dogs were very glad of the ride off the hill in the landrovers.
3 3 Feb 2015 15:50
3 Feb 2015 17:15

Y Garn East Ridge

Shouts for help

11 members attended
A walker reported hearing screams and shouts apparently coming from the East Ridge of Y Garn and was concerned that someone may need help. A Team Leader questioned other walkers in the area and no-one else had heard screams but reported that there were lots of noisy children close to the lake. A small hill party deployed to Cwm Idwal but nothing could be heard so the team were stood down.
2 26 Jan 2015 11:35
26 Jan 2015 12:30

Conwy Mountain

1 person: walking

6 members attended
A female walker, in a large group, slipped on the steep hillside and injured her leg. An ambulance crew were sent to the scene and they requested MRT back-up. As team members were making their way to the incident site a stand-down message was given as the air ambulance had landed close to the casualty. Subsequently, the air ambulance was unable to assist and 22 Squadron were then tasked, winched her aboard and flew her to Ysbyty Gwynedd for treatment.
1 17 Jan 2015 15:35
17 Jan 2015 17:00

Aber Falls

1 person: Walking

10 members attended
A lady slipped on the steps leading to the footbridge and injured her back. WAST deployed a paramedic in an RRV but asked for MRT back-up as they were unsure how far from vehicle access she was. Luckily a warden was able to unlock the gate for the paramedic so he was on scene and had walked the lady to his vehicle before the first MRT vehicle arrived. The team were stood down.

There have been 12 incidents involving 16 people so far this year.

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