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Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation
Mountain Rescue England & Wales
Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation
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OVMRO Incidents

No. Details Description
35 30 Dec 1978
30 Dec 1978


2 people: Walking

Party benighted after late start and over ambitious route. Underestimated the conditions. Mild Hypothermia
34 20 Dec 1978

53.1576N -3.96096E

1 person:

The casualty split from his party. Got lost near top of Craig yr Ysfa. He bivvied. In morning he walked back to Llewelyn then descended to Llafar and walked out to Bethesda.
33 17 Dec 1978

53.108N -4.02292E

1 person:

The pair got to the last pitch of Hope in the dark. They had left their rucksacks at the bottom. Lack of knowledge of the Walk Off meant they became benighted. Escorted to safety.
32 22 Nov 1978

53.1201N -3.99662E

1 person:

The party reached the top of the climb in gathering darkness. Could not find way down. Moved right then lowered one member on two joined ropes. There was only one torch in the party
31 21 Nov 1978
21 Nov 1978

Carnedd Llewelyn N. Of Summit

1 person: Walking

The Team was working in support of RAF Valley MRT. Casualty collapsed whilst walking. The kit carried was somewhat excessive. Mild Hypothermia
30 22 Oct 1978

53.1102N -4.00061E

1 person:

The boy was tired and thought that he could not walk down. He did with a little persuasion. There was a stretcher party hidden as back up.
29 21 Oct 1978
21 Oct 1978

Idwal Path By Gate

1 person: Walking

Casualty was on a Field course in Cwm Idwal wearing a pair of wellies which were not really suitable. Fractured ankle probable.
28 8 Oct 1978
8 Oct 1978

Cwm Idwal Above Path Slabs - Kitchen

1 person: Walking

Casualty was descending steep open ground. Leant against a boulder which turned over onto his foot. Ankle fracture and abdominal bruising
27 8 Oct 1978
8 Oct 1978

Carneddau, Pen Yr Ole Wen, Carnedd Daffyd

1 person: Walking

Casualty blown over by gust of wind. Evacuated by C Flight, 22 Sqn.Ankle sprained and bruising to shoulder
26 23 Sep 1978

53.2844N -3.84523E

1 person:

Two children stuck on steep ground after dark. They had gone rock climbing from the Caravan Park
25 1 Sep 1978
1 Sep 1978

Nant Ffrancon Above Jones Barn

1 person: Walking

Casualty slipped whilst walking and fell 20 ft over an outcrop. Minor head injury.
24 26 Aug 1978
26 Aug 1978

Gribin Facet

2 people: Scrambling

Casualty slipped and fell off path down gully whilst descending. Fracture to Maxilla and bad Sprain
23 20 Aug 1978

53.109N -3.96323E

1 person:

Request to rescue four sheep stuck on a ledge for some three weeks.
22 13 Aug 1978
13 Aug 1978

Glyder Fach Top Of Alphabet Slabs

1 person: Scrambling

The casualty stumbled and fell between 100 and 150 ft. She was not actually moving when she stumbled. Lifted off by C Flight 22 Sqn. Fractured Skull and fractured patella
21 6 Aug 1978

53.2861N -3.85131E

1 person:

Casualty became cragfast whilst trying to follow her dog
20 19 Jul 1978
19 Jul 1978

Tryfan Milestone Butt. Direct Route

1 person: Climbing

Casualty fell from final chimney of Direct Route. Possible knee fracture
19 15 Jul 1978
15 Jul 1978

Devil's Kitchen - foot Of

1 person: Walking

Casualty complained of exhaustion.
18 5 Jul 1978
5 Jul 1978

Glyder Fach Foot Of Central Gully

2 people: Scrambling

The pair slipped whilst descending Central Gully, Glyder Fach having taken the wrong route off the summit. Fractured ankle and scalp wound. One with fractured tib./fib.
17 1 Jul 1978
1 Jul 1978

Cwm Bochlwyd, Lip Of

1 person: Walking

Casualty had been ill before starting walk. Collapsed with exhaustion near summit of Glyder Fawr. Companions assisted him as far as Bochlwyd
16 29 Jun 1978

53.1859N -3.26173E

1 person:

Search for Missing Person. Not found
15 18 Jun 1978
18 Jun 1978

Tryfan E. Face, Heather Terrace

1 person: Climbing

Casualty was soloing Grooved Arete. He fell off and landed on the Heather Terrace. Recovered by C Flight, 22 Sqn. Fatal Extensive other injuries.
14 16 Jun 1978

53.1946N -3.95067E

1 person:

An overnight search on Carneddau 3 Apprentices on a navigational exercise. Fauled to make the RV. Lost their only map Found by helicopter and returned to base.
13 4 Jun 1978
4 Jun 1978

Tryfan Nr. Start Of N. Ridge

2 people: Scrambling

Casualty fainted and fell about 15 feet. No breakfast. Evacuated by C Flight, 22 Sqn Fracture / Dislocation C6 on C7 paralysed below T1.
12 27 May 1978

53.1157N -3.99491E

1 person:

Casualty became separated from part, frightened, disorientated and stuck. Climbers escorted him to safety.
11 14 May 1978
14 May 1978

Tryfan East Face Grooved Arete

3 people: Climbing

Casualty slipped whilst trying to descend when off route. He was leading. Eventually evacuated by c Flight 22 Sqn. Sub-Trochanteric fracture.
10 1 May 1978

53.1943N -4.02249E

1 person:

Search after definite reports of a red flare
9 1 Apr 1978

53.1395N -4.07076E

1 person:

Investigation of report of flares. Nothing found
8 5 Mar 1978
5 Mar 1978

Cwm Llafar On Path

1 person: Walking

Casualty collapsed whilst descending. Was evacuated by C Flight, 22 Sqn. Insulin Coma.
7 14 Feb 1978
14 Feb 1978

Idwal - Yr Hafod 300 Ft Above Rd

1 person: Winter Walking

Casualty slipped on snow covered ice and fell over 30 ft crag. Spine and thigh bruising.
6 11 Feb 1978
11 Feb 1978

Tryfan, East Face Below Heather Terrace.

4 people: Walking

Only 2 ice axes in party of 4. No rope. Leader slipped, fell and knocked off No. 2. No. 3 tried to catch No. 2 and was pulled off. No 4 was kicked off in the shambles. Casualty was No 3. Spine fracture not serious.
5 11 Feb 1978
11 Feb 1978

Y Garn - Devil's Kitchen

1 person: Winter Walking

Casualty tripped over his own crampons. Evacuated by C Flight, 22 Sqn. Fractured ankle
4 29 Jan 1978
29 Jan 1978

Ffynnon Llugwy, North End

2 people: Winter Walking

Party retreating down Cwm Llugwy when both slipped off slab into water. The survivor managed to get out. Weather conditions preclude recovery of body and operation was suspended until the following day.
3 20 Jan 1978

53.1051N -4.03623E

1 person:

Late start. Could not find descent through Devil's Kitchen. Benighted. Spent the night in an igloo. Found just after 08.00 hrs in good condition.
2 2 Jan 1978
2 Jan 1978

Tryfan, North Tower, North Ridge

1 person: Scrambling

Casualty apparently slipped on greasy rock whilst ascending North Ridge. Evacuated by C Flight, 22 Sqn. Concussion and cracked Femur.
1 1 Jan 1978

53.1098N -4.023E

1 person:

Late start. Completed climb in dusk and lost the way on the Walk off in the dark. Lack of knowledge of the cliff.

There were 35 incidents involving 45 people for the year 1978.

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